Thursday 14 November 2013

Disappointing News as Vegas Trends Towards Not Accepting European ID

Veteran poker writer and player and lead writer here at This Poker Week, Erik Savage aka 'FasterMule' and 'Towels' has covered in a recent trip report from Vegas that a number of establishments including Planet Hollywood and The D have stopped accepting European Drivers' Licenses and in some cases National ID cards despite the homogenised design and ease of acceptance.

Most Vegas establishments are still able to use their common sense, especially when it comes to those who are clearly old enough to play and drink but with corporate nonsense coming to Vegas more and more all the time it would be a shame to see this trend worsen.

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Tuesday 5 March 2013

Shocking Video Claims to Reveal Party Poker Player Segregation

A shocking video has been released on Youtube showing different Party Poker player accounts unable to see the same players. This means that a certain winning player account is unable to see, sit down, or play against a certain juicy fish available in the other game. This segregation means that the winning player can only choose from certain tables filled with other less juicy games. What's more Party Poker announced to the markets that they had 'lobby' based technology to reduce bum hunting and other efforts to target fish so this would seem to tie in nicely.

Monday 4 March 2013

Everleaf Looks Set to Fail As Minted Seek To Move Network

The announcement below was sent out this week by Minted poker to their players letting them know not only that they planned to move networks but that it was unclear if player funds would ever be released by Everleaf Gaming. For such a big step to be taken by a skin on a network is indicative of some serious issues at the network.

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Victory Poker Waves White Flag at Successful Future and Become Defeat Poker on Cereus

An alliance of the weak was formed this last few weeks as Victory Poker - formerly the flagship poker room on the growing Everleaf Network joined the home of the rooms involved in the Absolute and UB Poker Scandals, the Cereus network. With a roster of well reputed pros one has to wonder how they will feel about being associated with a network even Phil Hellmuth eventually severed ties with.